Chronicles of a Bondsman – 1

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Chronicles of a Bondsman – 1

True Stories from a Phoenix Bail Bondsman

Although Phoenix bail bondsmen are in the business of selling bonds and getting people out of jail, there are times we just don’t like to do it.  I got a call the other day from a woman who had found me on the internet by searching for Phoenix bail bonds.  She needed to bail her “fiancé” out of the Maricopa County Jail.  He had a cash only bond for assault, disorderly conduct, preventing the use of a telephone and criminal damage.  This is nothing out of the ordinary; domestic violence cases are extremely common.  What was unusual was this woman had just gotten out of the hospital and was black and blue over most of her visible body.  Her face had claw marks on it, particularly around the eyes.  I couldn’t resist asking how the scratches got there.  The lady remarked casually, “Oh, he was trying to gouge my eyes out.”  The lady also had numerous old wounds and scars on her arms that had not occurred during this incident, which she admitted had been inflicted by him.  As it turned out, the “fiancé” was no stranger to jail; he had a severe drinking problem and had been arrested several times for working this lady over.

What was awful about this particular story was the woman was blaming herself for the incident and felt guilty for calling the police on him.  I assured her that she did the right thing and that both he and she needed some counseling not bail bonds.  She said that she was getting professional support after this latest occurrence and that the prosecutor was demanding prison for the “fiancé”.  I told her that hopefully things will work out, but I couldn’t resist asking, “Why do you want to bail him out of jail?”  She merely said, “I love him.”

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What are the advantages of using a Bail Bond Company?

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Advantages of using a Bail Bond Company

A bail bond company takes the bite out of a bond. Let’s say for example that you want to get a friend out of jail on a five thousand dollar ($5,000) Phoenix bail bond.   As an individual you would need to pay the Court or Maricopa County Jail the whole $5,000 dollars in cash to get your friend out of jail.   Unfortunately for you, the jail does not accept cash from the public; the court only accepts cash from registered bail bondsmen.  However, the jail will accept Western Union Money Orders, US Postal Money Orders and Cashiers’ checks.   Assuming you manage to get the bond posted yourself, the Court will hold on to your $5,000 for an undetermined amount of time until the case is adjudicated and the bond exonerated; it could be months and in some cases years.  The Court will not pay you interest on your money and you cannot retract or surrender your bond.  Only a bail bondsman can surrender a bond or re-arrest the Defendant before he skips out on bail.  Your money will in effect,  be tied up until the Defendant is sentenced.

A Phoenix bail bond company, on the other hand, would only charge you a 10 percent fee to post your bond.  On a $5,000 bond that amounts to only $500.  That $500, fee is nonrefundable, but you won’t have to sell the farm in order to get someone out of jail.  You will, however, need to put up some form of collateral worth at least the bond amount that the Phoenix bondsman will hold onto as security pending the Defendant going to all his hearings; but you get that back upon sentencing or exoneration of the bond.

Maricopa County Bail Bonds understands the Arizona Courts and Jails.  We are familiar with the judges, the attorneys and the jail and court clerks.  We are committed to helping you understand the bail bond process and posting your Phoenix Bail Bonds.  We are happy to answer any of your bail bond questions and to discuss any of your concerns.  Please call 602-258-4488 for immediate service.



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Posting Cash Bonds at the 4th Ave Jail

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Posting Cash Bonds at the 4th Ave Jail

Posting Cash Bail Bonds

Everyone wants to save money.  When it comes to spending money to bail someone out of jail, most people hate doing it as much as they hate going to the dentist.  Everyday we get calls from people wanting just information on how they can post their own bond without using the services of a bondsman.  People expect us to provide them with detailed step by step procedures on how they can post a bond without paying for the service.  So, for those of you that want to post your own bond, here you go:

  • Call the Maricopa County Jail Hot Line at (602) 876-0322 and choose “Inmate Information” from the automated choices.  You must know how to spell the inmates full name and their date of birth.  Write down the Booking Number once the system locates the Inmate. Alternatively, you may go to and locate the inmate there. Frequently, the information between the phone line and the website do not match.
  • Cash bonds require the exact amount of cash to be provided to the clerk at the jail. If your bond is not “cash-only” you may use cash, Postal Money Order, Western Union Money Order, or Cashier’s Check made out to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for the exact amount of the bond.
  • Go to the Fourth Ave Jail (201 S. 4th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003).
  • Take a number at the bond out window.
  • Fill out a Request Form located at the bond out window
  • And, when it’s your turn, give the bond clerk your cash, Request Form and Drivers License.

That’s it!  Not too bad eh?

Not so fast

There are a number of things that can happen to delay or prevent you from quickly accomplishing your money saving task.

  • If the bond amount was incorrectly reported, or you didn’t understand that there were several cases from different Courts and you didn’t obtain separate money orders for each case, or you don’t have the exact amount of cash, you will not be able to post your bond. The clerks have strict procedures to follow – no leeway.
  • Although the 4th Ave Jail is a 24 hour jail, there are shift changes that may delay a quick posting.
  • If you have a warrant for your arrest, whether you know it or not, and you hand the clerk your identification, expect to go to jail.
  • If you are an illegal alien, or have been incarcerated in the Maricopa County Jail in the last year, or named as the victim in the Defendant’s domestic violence case you will NOT be able to post your bond.

These are some of the aggravating circumstances that can happen to anyone posting bail at the jail.  Do I recommend posting your own bond? Only if it is a bond under $1,000.00. Posting bail is only part of the fun, getting your money back from the court frequently is difficult at times.  A professional bondman will fight to get your money back promptly.  Additionally, when you post your own bond you do not have the authority to rearrest the defendant. My advice is hire a professional bondsman.  Use a Phoenix bondsman that has been operating for a few years and one who posts bonds full time.

Maricopa County Bail Bonds is dedicated to posting your bond professionally:

  • We have been posting Phoenix Bail Bonds since 2005.
  • 70% of the bonds we post are cash bonds.
  • Cash collateral is refunded within 24 hours of the bond’s exoneration and return of the funds posted with the court.
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Posting your own Phoenix Bail Bonds

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Posting your own Phoenix Bail Bonds

Posting Phoenix Bail Bonds

I rarely tell anyone to post their bond without the aid of a bondsman; there is too much that can go wrong.  Without an experienced bondsman to handle your transaction, you can literally lose your entire bond amount.  Let’s look at some of the arguments for using a bondsman:

1. The bondsman does all the work of posting the bond.  He fights his way through Phoenix traffic and enters a rather scary and sometimes smelly bond out room.  People are lined up at the window to post bail bonds, ask questions, get property releases and do visitation.  Many people have been waiting a long time for service, they are tense, nervous and angry.  A bail bondsman knows what it takes to post bail, he has his paperwork ready and he knows how to converse with the clerk to get the job done.  Sometimes the information provided on the bail amount or charges was wrong and needs to be corrected before the clerk will accept the bond; mistakes and changes are the norm.

2. If the Defendant tries to run or fails to show for a hearing, the bondsman can re-arrest him.  The Phoenix bail bondsman has full custody of the defendant.  The bondsman has investigators and bounty hunters trained to track and find the defendant for you.  If you post the bond yourself, you have no authority to arrest; you can only watch your money running down the street.

3. When the case is over, will you know how to get your money back?  Most of the calls I get from people who have posted their own bond, tell me they don’t know who has their money.  Some people have friends post the bond for them.  Legally, the court is required to return the bond to who ever posted it – your friend.  How will you know if he got it?  How will you know if he will return it to you? If you use a bondsman, the buck stops there.

There are some instances where posting your own bond is a better than hiring a bondsman to do it.


When to Post your own Bail Bond

1. When the bond is for fines, post it yourself.  If the bond will be forfeited for fines there is no need to hire a bondsman accept for the shear convenience of use (see #1 above).  If your bond will be forfeited for fines, you won’t have to worry about getting your money back, nor will it matter if the defendant doesn’t show for his hearing.  Your money is gone as soon as you give it to the bail bond clerk.

2. When the bond is small, post it yourself.  Phoenix Bail bond fees are going to run about $150.00, or more on any small bond.  If your bond is $300.00, you would spend almost as much to buy the bond as the bond itself and you would still need collateral worth $300.00.  Certainly, at some dollar amount it becomes silly to hire a bondsman.

Nevertheless, I have posted a $25.00 bond before.  The person lived in Florida and had no other way to get it done.  They were forced to use a credit card.

We all want to save money, but when it comes to the law and your lack of experience in a matter, it is cheaper to hire a professional.

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