Phoenix Bail Bonds for Meth Addicts

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Phoenix Bail Bonds for Meth Addicts

Methamphetamine, “Meth”, use has reached epidemic proportions in our society.  Wherever it crops its head it leaves devastation in its wake.  The excessive use of the drug leaves the usual tell-tales signs of open sores on the face and arms, rotted and/or missing teeth and hard to understand speech patterns.  The latter sign is the one which the bondsman is most familiar, as he takes many calls each day from people looking for bail bonds in Phoenix.  Meth leaves the mouth dry, the tongue swells and people who use Meth sound like they have marbles in their mouth.  Add to the fact that Meth users speak very quickly, words soon blend into a mass of nonsense garbled speech.

      My hearing isn’t the best in the world and cell phone coverage can be very bad in spots, but add to this the self-induced speech impediment that regular Meth users possess and you can forget about having an intelligent conversation.    Sometimes in frustration, I just hang-up.  As a bondsman, we get considerably more calls from females than males.  More men are in the Maricopa County Jail than women, so it makes sense that their women would be trying secure bail.  A large percentage of the women I talk to sound like they are on Meth; this isn’t just a few people.  Our office handles thousands of calls per month and we talk to hundreds of people that sound like they have the habit.

     The Meth habit is extremely difficult to break.  Users soon exhaust their money supplies and revert to shoplifting, burglary and robbery to support themselves and their habit.  The ultimate end to this habit is one drug rehab program after another until the person is eventually sent to prison.  I have seen individuals that were sent to prison for years and within months of release they have been picked up again for dangerous drug charges.

     There isn’t much more I can say on this topic other than clients that continue using Meth after I bail them out are generally unreliable, they are unable to maintain their weekly call in with me and they frequently get re-arrested while out on bail.  More often than not I spend my time trying to talk people out of posting bail on Meth addicts.  The likelihood of the Defendant getting into more trouble while on bail is far greater than any good that comes out of releasing them.

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