Bail Bonds Collateral Guide


Phoenix Bail Bonds Collateral Guide
for the Maricopa County Jail


Purchasing a Bail Bond

There are two components to the purchase of a bail bond.  The collateral portion and the premium/fee portion.  Collateral is what you must have of equal or greater value to cover the cost of the bail bonds that is going to be issued.

Collateral: All bail bonds must be secured by collateral with a value equal to, or greater than, the amount of the bond. Collateral can be defined as any property (real or personal) that has salable value.  After the defendant has gone to all of his hearings and his case is disposed, the bail bond will be exonerated and the collateral will be returned to its owner.

Premium/Fees: All bail bonds are purchased by paying a small premium (10% of the bond amount) plus any associated fees, such as recording, storage, phone calls, and travel etc.  Our Fee Schedule is posted in our office and supplied to our clients prior to entering into an agreement.  In some instances, we may be able to offer our clients flexible payment terms.  Terms are offered on a case by case basis with consideration given to the quality of collateral provided, work history of the indemnitor / defendant and their stability in the community.

Collateral Resources

Titled Property

Real Estate

What Can be used as Collateral?

Virtually any form of asset can be used as collateral, however, the owner of the collateral must be willing and able to assign or allow a lien to be placed upon the property.  We accept real estate, motor vehicles, boats, jewelry, and electronics.  We value collateral using a variety of sources, including Kelley, NADA, Edmunds, as well as appraisals from qualified jewelers and others.  We use wholesale valuations of all assets.  The table to the right provides you with some of the resource tools we use in order to consistently assess value.

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