Bail Bonds Collateral Guide

Phoenix Bail Bonds Collateral Guide
for the Maricopa County Jail

Purchasing a Bail Bond

There are two components to the purchase of a bail bond.  The collateral portion and the premium/fee portion.  Collateral is what you must have of equal or greater value to cover the cost of the bail bond that is going to be issued.


All bail bonds must be secured by collateral with a value equal to, or greater than, the amount of the bond. Collateral can be defined as any property (real or personal) that has salable value.  After the defendant has gone to all of his hearings and his case is disposed, the bail bond will be exonerated and the collateral will be returned to its owner.


All bail bonds are purchased by paying a premium charge (10% of the bond amount) plus any associated fees, such as recording, storage, phone calls, and travel etc.  Our minimum fee for any bond under $3,000 is $375; bonds over $3,000 are 10% of the bond amount plus a $75 posting fee (example: a $5,000 bond will cost you $575). Our Fee Schedule is posted in our office and supplied to our clients prior to entering into an agreement.  All fees must be paid at the time the bond is purchased.

Collateral Resources

The following resources are commonly used by bail bondsmen to evaluate collateral property.

Titled Property

Real Estate

What Can be used as Collateral?

Bonds under $10,000

Currently, the only form of collateral that we can accept for bonds under $10,000 is cash or credit card charges for the entire bail amount and fees.  In other words, we are acting as your agent to post your cash.  The bail amount that you pay is refunded upon exoneration and return of the bond.  The fee to post your bond is non-refundable.  Certainly if you have the cash, you can post it yourself, however, most of our clients like the security offered by having a bondsman post their bail, or they either live out of area, or don’t want to travel to the jail.  Cash can be provided to us by bank deposit (Chase, Wells Fargo, BOA), wired funds, Zelle, or credit Card(s).

Bonds $10,000 and over

We can accept cash, or real estate for any bond over $10,000.  Real estate must have enough qualifying equity and be located in a state where bail bond liens are permissible.  Generally speaking, only property that has a frame built home will qualify; we cannot take trailers or mobile homes for collateral.  When the bond has been exonerated and returned by the court, your collateral will be returned, fees are non-refundable.

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