Posting Cash Bonds at the 4th Ave Jail

Posting Cash Bail Bonds

Everyone wants to save money.  When it comes to spending money to bail someone out of jail, most people hate doing it as much as they hate going to the dentist.  Everyday we get calls from people wanting just information on how they can post their own bond without using the services of a bondsman.  People expect us to provide them with detailed step by step procedures on how they can post a bond without paying us for the service.  So, for those of you that want to take matters into your own hands, here you go:

  • Call the Maricopa County Jail Hot Line at (602) 876-0322 and choose “Inmate Information” from the automated choices.  You must know how to spell the inmates full name and their date of birth.  Write down the Booking Number once the system locates the Inmate.
  • Obtain a Postal Money Order, Western Union Money Order, or Cashier’s Check made out to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for the exact amount of the bond.
  • Go to the Fourth Ave Jail.
  • Take a number at the bond out window.
  • Fill out a Request Form located at the bond out window
  • And, when it’s your turn, give the bond clerk your Money Order, Request Form and Drivers License.

That’s it!  Not too bad eh?

Not so fast

There is a bunch of things that can happen to delay or prevent you from quickly accomplishing your money saving task.

  • If the bond amount was incorrectly reported, or you didn’t understand that there were several cases from different Courts and you didn’t obtain separate money orders for each case, you will not be able to post your bond and you will need to start over and get new money orders.
  • If the case was out of Phoenix Court you can only post it at the jail on Weekends or at the Phoenix Courthouse.
  • If you obtained a Cashier’s Check and the bank closes before you post the bond, the jail will not accept the Cashier’s Check without validating its authenticity.
  • If you show up at the 4th Ave Jail at the wrong time, the window may be closed.  The Maricopa County Jail does not take bonds 24 hours per day!
  • If you have a warrant for your arrest, whether you know it or not, and you hand the clerk your identification, expect to go to jail.
  • If you are an illegal alien, or have been incarcerated in the Maricopa County Jail in the last year, or named as the victim in the Defendant’s domestic violence case you will NOT be able to post your bond.

These are some of the aggravating circumstances that can happen to anyone posting bail at the jail.  Do I recommend posting your own bond?  Rarely ever!  Posting bail is only part of the fun, try getting your money back after the case is over.  A professional bondman will fight to get your money back promptly.  My advice is hire a professional bondsman.  Use a Phoenix bondsman that has been operating for a few years and one who posts bonds full time.

Maricopa County Bail Bonds is dedicated to posting your bond professionally:

  • We have been posting Phoenix Bail Bonds since 2005.
  • 70% of the bonds we post are cash bonds.
  • Cash or collateral is refunded within 24 hours of receipt of exoneration from court.