When NOT to bail someone out of jail

When Not to post bail

     When someone bails you out of the Maricopa County Jail, it is one of the biggest favors they could possibly do for you. Yet, many of the people that get released each year don’t see it that way.  Many people we bail out get in trouble again while out on bond and end right back in jail.  Others skip out on bail causing family and friends to lose money or the collateral they put up.  Use your head when posting Phoenix bail bonds, not your heart.

  • Never bail someone out of jail that you have doubts will show up to their hearings.
  • Don’t bail someone out of jail that can’t drive themselves to court, unless you plan on driving them to court yourself.
  • Never bail someone out of jail that is always late, unless you plan on babysitting them.
  • Never post bail with money that is meant to pay your bills.
  • Don’t post bail on an addict or alcoholic unless they agree to go to rehab; they will let you down every time.
  • Don’t bail someone out of jail that talks about postponing hearings and expects the courts to work around his/her schedule.
  • Never bail someone out of jail in an attempt to win their affection (listen up women).
  • Never bail someone out of jail that says they will never go to prison.
  • Never bail someone out of jail that is suicidal or wishes they were dead.

     These are some of the tell-tale signs of when not to post a bail bond.  Everyday I listen to wives, moms, and girlfriends who are motivated by the ORDERS they receive from someone behind bars.  Many inmates will demand their friends and family put up everything they own to bail them out of jail.


Two over-riding precepts govern inmates in jail:

Rule #1
Most people in jail have virtually nothing; neither cash or collateral to help themselves bail out.

Rule #2
Most people in jail know EXACTLY what everyone else has and EXPECTS everyone to use it on them.