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Surety Bail Bonds

What is a Bail Bond Company?

A bail bond company acts as Agent for an insurance company, also known as a Surety.  Surety companies ...
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Arizona Bail Bonds

Phoenix Arizona Bail Bonds

Phoenix Bail Bond Companies Phoenix bail bond companies are a dime a dozen; some are reputable, some are ...
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Bail Bond Collateral - Jewelry

Bail Bond Collateral

What is Bail Bond Collateral? Bail Bond collateral is some sort of tangible property (cars, house, jewelry, artwork, ...
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Call for your bail bond

Inmate Information – Maricopa County Jail

Maricopa County Jail Inmate Information We get dozens of calls everyday from people who are in need of ...
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/ Maricopa County Jail

Maricopa County Jail – Bail Bond Posting Hours

Bond/Fines Hours of Operation The Maricopa County Jail has limited hours for accepting the posting of bail or ...
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Fourth Ave Jail

Posting Cash Bonds at the 4th Ave Jail

Posting Cash Bail Bonds Everyone wants to save money. When it comes to spending money to bail someone ...
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Jail Cell

When NOT to bail someone out of jail

When Not to post bail      When someone bails you out of the Maricopa County Jail, it is ...
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Cash Money

Posting your own Phoenix Bail Bonds

Posting Phoenix Bail Bonds I rarely tell anyone to post their bond without the aid of a bondsman; ...
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Maricopa County Bail Bonds - Facebook - twitter

Maricopa County Bail Bonds Gets An Online Facelift!

We, at Maricopa County Bail Bonds, have recently made an impressive move towards a revamped online presence for ...
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