What are the advantages of using a Bail Bond Company?

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What are the advantages of using a Bail Bond Company?

Advantages of using a Bail Bond Company

A bail bond company takes the bite out of a bond. Let’s say for example that you want to get a friend out of jail on a five thousand dollar ($5,000) Phoenix bail bond.   As an individual you would need to pay the Court or Maricopa County Jail the whole $5,000 dollars in cash to get your friend out of jail.   Unfortunately for you, the jail does not accept cash from the public; the court only accepts cash from registered bail bondsmen.  However, the jail will accept Western Union Money Orders, US Postal Money Orders and Cashiers’ checks.   Assuming you manage to get the bond posted yourself, the Court will hold on to your $5,000 for an undetermined amount of time until the case is adjudicated and the bond exonerated; it could be months and in some cases years.  The Court will not pay you interest on your money and you cannot retract or surrender your bond.  Only a bail bondsman can surrender a bond or re-arrest the Defendant before he skips out on bail.  Your money will in effect,  be tied up until the Defendant is sentenced.

A Phoenix bail bond company, on the other hand, would only charge you a 10 percent fee to post your bond.  On a $5,000 bond that amounts to only $500.  That $500, fee is nonrefundable, but you won’t have to sell the farm in order to get someone out of jail.  You will, however, need to put up some form of collateral worth at least the bond amount that the Phoenix bondsman will hold onto as security pending the Defendant going to all his hearings; but you get that back upon sentencing or exoneration of the bond.

Maricopa County Bail Bonds understands the Arizona Courts and Jails.  We are familiar with the judges, the attorneys and the jail and court clerks.  We are committed to helping you understand the bail bond process and posting your Phoenix Bail Bonds.  We are happy to answer any of your bail bond questions and to discuss any of your concerns.  Please call 602-258-4488 for immediate service.



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